Pics of  my wife Darlene and myself here. She changed my life.......all for the better too
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Our 1 acre of land in Saluda South Carolina
In 2007 Darlene returned to the USA while I waited in Australia for my immigration to be finalised. While she was there she looked for and found some land.
Over the course of the next few months, Darlene was able to get the house demolished and the land cleared
Darlenes mother was born in this house, but the house was derelict and unable to be saved and so had to be demolished
Her family homestead came up for sale and so we negotiated the purchase of it
Pretty much all of what you see cleared she did herself
We figured a couple hours tops would be heaps of time at Gracelands. We spent 6 hours there
It is a somewhat odd shaped acre of land - looks kinda like a lightbulb
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