Pics of  my wife Darlene and myself here. She changed my life.......all for the better too
Clff Clavens' Buffalo Theory
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How cool are you? Take the CoolTest - Don't expect to pass.....not many people do
Rod Ansell - The real Crocodile Dundee. This is the story behind the legend, and the tragedy that unfolded. This link also contains a link to Sgt. Glen Huitson - the policeman that Ansell shot and killed
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We figured a couple hours tops would be heaps of time at Gracelands. We spent 6 hours there
10 of lifes little known facts -  You might actually find a couple of them reasonably interesting
How cool are you? Take the CoolTest - Don't expect to pass.....not many people do
Build Your Very Own Powered Model Aircraft
1.  Using a razor blade, carefully split a match. Make sure that you leave some of the sulphur, as it will be the nose of your aircraft
3.  Catch some flies.
Put them in a glass container and put the container in the freezer. In a few seconds the flies will be quite cold and motionless.

Don't cool down your engines too much - it will kill them. Putting them in the refrigerator instead will take longer
5.  Take your flies from the refrigerator or freezer.
Place them on the pre-fitted glue pools
7.  Start the plane. If you have done things correctly, it will fly!!
Sit back and enjoy watching the happy flies playing with the plane!!
None of them will have experienced anything like this before!!
2.  Build the frame by gluing the match sticks together. You can build a bigger wing using lighter wood, thereby increasing engine capacity.
Use your imagination.
The sky is literally the limit
4.  While you are waiting for your engines to get cold and stiff, drop some glue in the positions where you want to place your engines
6.  Breathe some warm air onto the flies.
A miracle is happening!!
Your flies that were frozen a moment ago are now coming back to life again
In 7 Easy Steps