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Rod Ansell - The real Crocodile Dundee. This is the story behind the legend, and the tragedy that unfolded. This link also contains a link to Sgt. Glen Huitson - the policeman that Ansell shot and killed
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We figured a couple hours tops would be heaps of time at Gracelands. We spent 6 hours there
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Kew Boulevard   28 May 2001
The day we met face to face and our very first picture together
She melted like a chocolate in my heart
In November we got the news from immigration that her application had been approved
..... yet they are my lifes breath
This wedding pic has a link to a wedding website I made.
Darlene and I met in 2001 on the internet.
No, not in some sleazy chat room, something all together quite different.
We got chatting on a regular basis and in May 2001 she came for a visit
Pheasant Creek   7th February 2004
She came out to Australia again in 2002 and then again in 2003 for Christmas
It was on this trip to Australia in 2003 that I proposed to her and we were married in my sisters garden in February 2004
Due to moral obligations (she was a carer for her aged father - he was 89 yrs old), she had to return to the USA. We continued our relationship via the internet - courtesy of Yahoo Messenger and webcam
In July of 2004 I went to the USA for a brief visit
The primary reason was to meet Darlenes father and the rest of her family but to also see some of the USA as well. Darlene took me to the Smokey Mountains on the North Carolina/Tennessee border
In 2006 we moved into a little house that I had bought as an investment property
We continued living with my Mum at her house, whilst making plans to eventually move into our own little place
Darlenes' father passed in September of 2005 and in October she immigrated to Australia.
Her words are but air.....
In June 2006 we went to the USA for a 3 month holiday and while we were there we decided to move to the USA
We sold our little house in January 2007 and then moved back into my Mums house.
Darlene returned to the USA, and I waited in Australia for my immigration to be approved. It was finally approved in August 2008 and I moved to the USA in October