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We figured a couple hours tops would be heaps of time at Gracelands. We spent 6 hours there
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Our 1 acre of land - from its humble beginnings to present day
Roadside memorial alongside Stuart Highway where Sgt Huitson was killed
Huitson was honoured with a full police funeral in Darwin. About 30 officers formed a guard of honour while six others carried Huitsonís coffin.
Northern Territory Police Sergeant Glen Huitson
Northern Territory Police Sergeant Glen Huitson
Huitsons widow Lisa receiving  her husbandís police cap and National Medal Award  from the police commissioner
National Medal
National Medal  - Acacia Hills roadblock
The National Medal is awarded for diligent long service to the community in hazardous circumstances, including in times of emergency and national disaster, in direct protection of life and property
Date Received: 06 August 1999
Bravery Medal (BM)  - Batchelor bus-jacking
Only awarded for acts of bravery in hazardous circumstances.
Citation:  Rescue of passengers in a tourist bus from armed offender 
Bravery Incident:
Rescue of passengers in a tourist bus from armed offender
Date Received:  20 October 1999 
Medals and Citations